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The Importance of Project Management

C3EL is Project Management Centric:

Our project management approach is the combination of mature processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experiences coupled with the drive and discipline to effectively deploy this myriad of elements in concert to achieve project objectives, overcome constraints and obstacles to produce quality work under constrained time frames and budgets.

C3El is a Veteran Owned Small Business that supports the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community all around the globe. At any given time, C3EL may have over 30 projects in any phase of the Project Management Lifecycle. It is vital to the success of our organization that our processes ensure every project is successful. Due to rapid growth and expansion, C3EL recently instituted a Project Management Office (PMO) to standardize the execution and completion of every project no matter how large or small. C3EL understands the criticality of our client’s mission and the impact our projects have on the Warfighter. Therefore, every project gets an exceptional level of detail regardless of the size.

C3EL’s PMO is led by a seasoned program manager and our team of experienced project managers. Over the last quarter, the PMO as grown by 25% ensuring that each client receives a dedicated project manager and the attention to detail that ensures the success of the project. Our PMO emphasizes the importance of “the process.” A key element to our project processes is repeatability. Therefore, our team has adopted the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology which standardizes the project processes, tools, and techniques.

It is key to not only apply doctrinal project management methodologies, but the experience, knowledge, skills, and techniques of a good efficient project manager. C3EL consistently delivers the same quality service and dedication to every project. We pride ourselves with staying within budget, effective client communication, executing the project on-time, and ensuring all deliverables are successfully met. C3EL standards have enabled us to close-out projects all over the globe even in the most austere environment.


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