We are a uniquely qualified defense company, with security-cleared personnel who understand our role as contractors working within secure DoD locations. Our teams are experts at building multi-classification systems in a DoD environment. We have a thorough understanding of Information Assurance requirements (IA), related documentation and processes, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 and all required regulations and directives needed to engineer and build in a secure facility. We have extensive experience in international and war-zone logistics. We design, deploy and build end-to-end command center and control room solutions worldwide. 


From concept through completion, our Project Teams excel at thinking outside of the box. We deliver the best and most affordable custom solutions to our DoD clientele. We execute projects worldwide, CONUS or OCONUS, with the same level of attention to detail and acumen. We ensure our clients’ specific needs are met by conducting careful reviews of the scope of work with key decision-makers. Our team understands that A/V solutions aren’t generalizable and require unique solutions for each project. Our logistics operation delivers worldwide, shipping all the required materials for each job. Our buyers are vendor agnostic, meaning we show no brand preference when designing our solutions. Our main goal is a positive usability experience for our end-user based on the specific needs, requirements, and desired outcomes of the project.

Our entire Project Team are security cleared personnel and direct employees of C³EL. This unique advantage allows us to quickly clear all preliminary site access credential reviews while expediting project goals and timelines. Our ability to construct, while adhering to Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), allows us to build in most SCIF sites, saving our clients money and time by preventing the need for additional contracting and escorting.


Following the completion of the installation, our Project Team moves forward with training the relevant personnel on the changes to the system. This entails the creation of a user guide, for reference after our team’s departure, as well as instruction on the initiation of the system, an outline of video and audio routing for the system, and instructions on the control schematics used to manage the system.


Billie McDuffee

Billie McDuffee


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Vice President of

 Business Development

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Frank Pena


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Director of Technical Services

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