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C3EL Announces Changes in Ownership: Begins a further phase of growth and development

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Command and Control Communications, Engineering & Logistics, LLC (C3EL), is pleased to announce Laura Hoernig has joined the C3EL team as the new majority owner, President and CEO. Following Ms. Hoernig’s acquisition of the firm, C3EL is now a Woman Owned Small Business!

The executive management and senior staff, who have loyally served our customers and community for ten years as industry leaders, will remain in place as senior executives following the acquisition. C3EL’s core capability remains providing design-build, engineering, and O&M services to both commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) clients in support of global operations. This new strategic partnership will accelerate growth within the portfolio of services we currently provide the opportunity for expansion into engineering and network services.

“I am excited to embark on this new endeavor and look forward to expanding and building upon C3EL’s decade of success in the industry. The core strengths of C3EL are, and will continue to be, the strength of the customer and vendor relationships and the quality of the product and services C3EL provides. C3EL’s core business continues to thrive, and future plans include the expansion of Engineering and Network Services to the portfolio of products and services we provide to support our existing and growing customer base.”

- Laura E. Hoernig, President/CEO

As a part of the strategic partnership between C3EL and Ms. Hoernig, Mr. Richard Whaley will be joining the C3EL team to lead the newly created Enterprise Solutions Group. Mr. Whaley brings over 40 years of experience in Engineering and Network Services and will be leading the company’s expansion into this business segment.

“As a US Navy Veteran with almost forty years of Network and Systems Engineering experience, in both the government and commercial arena, I am excited to bring both complementary and new capabilities to C3EL. The current portfolio of work C3EL performs serves as an ideal platform for expansion into Engineering and Network Services”

- Richard A. Whaley, Jr., EVP Enterprise Solutions

Mr. Billie McDuffee and Mr. Frank Pena will be staying on board as minority partners and the Executive Vice Presidents of Strategic Operations and Integration Services. This partnership will allow Mr. McDuffee and Mr. Pena to fully concentrate on the expansion of C3EL’s core offerings and will allow for accelerated growth in that arena.

“We at C3EL look forward to the possibilities this new leadership collaboration provides as us. It is with great promise and enthusiasm that we, the founding partners of C3EL, welcome the newest members of the C3EL family!”

- Billie McDuffee, EVP Strategic Operations and

- Frank Pena, EVP Integration Services

Laura E. Hoernig



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