Deployable Tactical Command & Control System

The Deployable Tactical Command & Control System (D-TACCS) is a scalable secure video wall system designed for many DoD applications. It is ideal for forward operating bases as well as a streamline solution for CONUS operations rooms. The system is assembled and fully programmed in our facility in Tampa, Florida. The D-TACCS is comprised of all TAA compliant COTS equipment. The size of the video wall and the number of source inputs are scalable to meet any requirements. The system can be configured with multiple VTC suites of any DoD classification. The video wall can mount to the facility wall or be ordered with a free-standing mount. It includes a best in class audio system comprised of Biamp, JBL, and Shure microphones. The system utilizes HDBaseT video transmitters and receivers over cat 5 Cables. Operation is simple and intuitive. VTC call setup is accomplished with a single touch of a button. 

The system also includes options for rugged transport cases or custom crates. Additional options include adding multiple VTC suites, additional inputs and increase the video wall size. The system is shipped to you, fully tested, and fully functional with all drivers and software up to date. Includes cables and everything needed to operate (True Plug and Play).

D-TACCS-A1 - Basic System

D-TACCS Arrives with everything you need.

All Cables and Accessories Included.

Simply Plug in the Components and Turn it On. 

The D-TACCS systems are fully assembled programmed and tested in our facility in Tampa, Florida prior to deployment. System programming is customized to the specific needs of each client. We provide weekly status updates on the system build, providing pictures and test documentation throughout the process. We invite the client to a live video call to observe final functionality tests to ensure the system meets expectations prior to shipping.  

All display walls come with the option of surface mounting on the facility wall or rugged steel fabricated free-standing mount. We have teams available to deploy to your site for installation. Our teams are made up of seasoned AV/VTC professionals have experience working in theater. Our team will stage and assemble the systems, perform comprehensive system function tests and commissioning, to include provisioning of codecs and network assets. 

DTACCS is Scalable and Built to Order

Forward Command Centers

Tactical Sites

Control Rooms

Each system is meticulously constructed, programmed, tested, and fitted to rugged Deployment cases or shipping crates as needed. All cables come terminated and tested. All devices simply plug into a custom connector plate in the back of the equipment rack. The system is design for deployment and redeployment with quick setup guides and repacking instructions.

Status Reporting and Diagnostics

Based on the need for real-time status and critical failure or event notifications in the operations centers we support, we have developed a customized monitoring tool, specific to command centers and critical mission centers. The AV System Alert Processor (ASAP) system is an expanded version of the device status system already present within the Crestron Processor. This tool is widely used and very successful at major strategic commands and is capable of handling very large, highly complex operations centers, as well as campus-wide monitoring and notifications. 


No additional equipment is required for this feature. The graphical notification page resides on a Crestron Xpanel and can be displayed on the video wall or monitored from a laptop or PC. The historical issue with no ability to monitor equipment status proactively, is the engineers and technicians are forced to be reactive to failures that may have been prevented, if a monitoring tool were available. 


The Crestron PRO3 with the dual NIC can also be configured to send email notifications of failures and events.


The system status is not proprietary and can be updated by any Crestron programmer, it is custom written code that displays the information on an overlay of the area. It can be customized to most system environments. This tool has increased system reliability and availability times in relevant facilities. It enables the support staff to be proactive by having awareness the instant an outage or failure occurs. This simple addition reduces times and provides a platform for increased operational readiness.  

We guarantee the highest quality system in the industry. Each system is built to order in an controlled environment by highly skilled technicians under intensive quality control processes.


The system ships in your option of military cases, custom road cases, or custom shipping crates made for each order. 

On site set up, professional services & training, 24/7/365 Phone support, Annual Preventative maintenance program and extended warranties are available.

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