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Why It's Important to Invest in Employees Education and Training

Employee education and training are vital to the success of your company - it bolsters the value of the worker and develops their self-esteem so that they can contribute in a more meaningful way. A well-designed professional development program contributes to employee motivation, engagement, and loyalty. Here at C3EL, we seek to invest in our employees by equipping them with up-to-date, job-specific training to further their skills, and we offer pre-approved tuition reimbursement to employees for the cost of work-related educational courses or degree programs.

Why C3EL feels Employee Education and Training is So Important

Self-Development & Self-Esteem:

Nobody likes to feel stuck at a dead-end job - all people strive for professional development and career advancement. When your employees feel like they are contributing to the company, it gives them a sense of value and self-worth. Employee education is one of the best ways to encourage such feelings because people become more confident when they have more to offer.

Increased Productivity:

Training allows employees to acquire a broader skill-set. With more skills, they are better equipped for dealing with problems and are thus more productive. What is more critical, well-trained workers can extend their result in low productivity. Therefore, by investing in appropriate training for your employees, you decrease the need for constant supervision.

Lower Turnover:

There is a false notion that trained employees tend to look for better job opportunities. The truth of the matter is that when a company invests in its employees, they feel more empowered and appreciated, which increases their loyalty to their current employer. Further, in the Corporate Millennial Survey, "opportunities to progress/be leaders" comes in as top consideration (excluding salary) when evaluating job opportunities. If a current employer provides opportunities to progress professionally, then employees have less incentive to look elsewhere.

At C3EL, our employee's work performance is vital to the success of the organization, by C3EL, which demonstrates its commitment to its employees. We seek to build a team that works and grows together and having a company reimbursement program is key to creating this environment.


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