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Two Essential Elements of a Command Center

As a company that specializes in designing, integrating, and delivering turnkey command center solutions, we have extensive experience installing command centers. The command center must be reliable and provide secure multilevel access. This requires advances not only in computing hardware and software but in the interconnecting fabric of communications. Proper installation of various technologies into a command center is critical, and once the installation is complete, the center must provide real-time and reliable data.

No two command centers are the same. The design and technologies used for each depend on the client and the functions the center will provide. C³EL provides standard services for our customers listed on our website that hire us to design a center, but it is impossible to list the specifics that go into each. With that being said, some elements are in each center that we are hired to create: Seamless Communication & Ergonomic Design.

Seamless Communication

A Vital aspect of command centers is the linking od essential systems and communications - not just to gather information, but also to allow for homogeneous and mass distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts. Seamless communication means robust, survivable, multilevel secure communication systems that provide access to mission-essential information over the entire operational continuum without requiring user intervention to achieve connectivity across heterogeneous networks. Seamless communication includes the technologies associated with networks, network management, and advanced audio-visual communication systems.

Ergonomic Design

The layout or design of the room is vital. The room must be designed so that everyone in the room can see the information being displayed. The design must incorporate features that include optimum traffic flow, acoustics, and illumination. These considerations determine the placement of humans and equipment to ensure that operators can quickly move into, out of, and around the room, and can interact with each other without any hindrances.

To learn more about the services we provide, you can visit our 'Experience' page to see specific command center installations we have completed for various customers.z


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