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Galileo processor serves at US European Command

When US European Command upgraded its Mission Command Center, integrator C3EL selected the RGB Spectrum Galileo video wall processor to help commanders make informed decisions.

The United States European Command (USEUCOM), based in Stuttgart, Germany, conducts military operations and international military engagement in defence of US and transatlantic security. USEUCOM directs the operations of more than 50,000 personnel across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. Its Mission Command Center comprises the Joint Operations Center (JOC), its strategic and operational hub, and the Senior Decision Cell (SDC), a high-end briefing centre and situation room.

When USEUCOM required a technology refresh of its outdated display systems, it solicited the services of Command and Control Communications, Engineering & Logistics (C³EL), a Department of Defense AV integrator specialising in design and technology integration. USEUCOM needed a reliable video processor solution that would support multiple video inputs and outputs on the large video walls to maximise situational awareness and improve tactical decision-making.

C³EL selected the RGB Spectrum Galileo video wall processor. The Galileo processor was chosen for its support of digital and IP-based inputs, realtime display of visuals and superior image quality. A single Galileo video wall processor drives both a 51ft x 6 ½ft video wall in the JOC and a 26ft x 4 ½ft video wall in the SDC.

The Galileo processor receives computer and video sources comprised of geospatial data, maps, and video feeds originating from aircraft, UAVs, and telemetry systems. The processor consolidates the various visuals and provides a correlated view on the video wall. The processor offers the flexibility to display content in any size windows, anywhere on the video walls. Display layouts can be changed instantly to focus on particular areas of interest. Operators can select preset display layouts, switch and route sources, and size and position windows on the fly.

Bill McDuffee, CEO of C3EL, explained: “One of the benefits of the new RGB Spectrum Galileo system is that a common operating picture (COP) is now available with enough data points so commanders can make informed decisions.”

The Galileo processor supports both conventional baseband and IP stream inputs at up to 4K resolution. The processor supports all types of video walls: projector, LED, LCD –based, whatever display technology is chosen. Advanced features include a unique “wall mimic”, whereby the entire wall display or any region of interest can be encoded and streamed for live viewing elsewhere, HDCP content protection, scripting for third party system control, and automatic IP stream discovery for RGB Spectrum’s Zio AV-over-IP encoders.

McDuffee concluded: “RGB Spectrum’s Galileo delivered superior image quality, faster performance and more versatility than the previous system, for a much improved user experience.”


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