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Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification

Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification

Here at C3EL, we invest in our employees and help them obtain their Certified Technology Specialist certification. AVIXA™ is the Audiovisual (AV) and Integrated Experience Association established in 1939. Its members create integrated AV experiences that deliver outcomes for each user and a hub for professional collaboration. AVIXA is the leading resource for AV standards, certifications, training, marketing intelligence, and thought leadership.

One of the credentials that have been administered by AVIXA for more than 30 years is the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Credential. This certification is recognized as the worldwide leading AV professional credential. There are three kinds of CTS certifications: General, Design, and Installation. In the fast-paced world of technology, things change quickly and to keep up with the changes and learn industry best-practices, CTS Certification is the answer. Employers and clients can rest assured they are hiring the most qualified individual when the Installer has a CTS certification. Here is a more detailed list of the benefits of this certification for the Installer, the Employer, and most importantly, the Customer:

Benefits of Certification:

For the Installer - CTS certification provides installers with an opportunity to train and develop a specialized skillset. When you’ve earned this certification, you show that not only do you take your career seriously enough to spend time on continuing your education and expanding your abilities but also that you have knowledge in your field that not everyone will possess. This certification is yours to keep – your CTS goes with you. The Certification will provide evidence of technical proficiency, increased customer confidence, and the ability to sell your work more effectively to customers.

For the Employer – CTS certification allows installers to obtain workforce-ready skills. They are prepared for employment upon completion and possess the skills that employers want. Companies value professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise. The CTS credential is at the top of the list when it comes to job specifications for several reasons. For example, the CTS certification lowers the cost of professional liability insurance, increases consumer confidence, and shows our commitment to excellence as a company by hiring CTS professionals.

For the Customers – CTS Certification offers consumers a way to judge facilities and services. Hiring a company that employs only certified installers, affirm that as installers, they have a measurable, enhanced level of competence, knowledge, and expertise.


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